Project Page: XYZ Driver Box

  • This is a driver enclosure for the IRISS system. It is intended to house three motor drivers (TB9051FTG Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier) for controlling a set of Thorlabs Z812B 12 mm actuators. Everything is custom. The housing is constructed from 1/8'' and 1/4'' thick high-impact acrylic sheets lasercut and the support pieces were all 3D printed on a MarkForged x7 3D printer.

  • The electronics board inside were custom designed to be quick to assemble without the need to send the circuit design out for PCB printing. The main component is the Pololu motor driver board and a 5V linear regulator for reducing the input 6V supply voltage to the enclosure. Smaller passive components are not shown. Note, the black-colored pieces were 3D printed: the larger bottom pieces interface with the bottom acrylic plate and are designed for easy screw top access and the smaller piece (beneath the driver board) was included for physical support.

  • In-progress photo of construction showing the drivers mounted into place.


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